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SPC - Statistical processes control.

Objective: To know, understand and apply in practice all the elements that comprise the process of the approval of parts for production. Raise awareness about the benefits and success factors that are the result of the practical application of a systematic and systemic PPAP process as set by the methodology.

Aimed at: Knowing, understanding and identifying the use of the SPC tool for the control of products and processes, as well as developing and interpreting the control charts by variables and attributes, in order to promote a philosophy of prevention. 
Duration: 16 Hrs. 


• Introduction.

• Definitions, what is SPC?

• Variations and potential causes.

• Differences between process control and process capacity.

• Differences between process improvement and process control.

• Benefits for control charts.

• Control charts by variables.

• Relationship between specification limits and control limits.

• Methodology for the calculation of control limits.

• Interpretations of control charts.

• Calculations of Cp and Cpk.

• Interpretation of the capacity of the process.

• Reflection.