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PPAP - Process of approval of parts for production.

Objective: To know, understand and apply in practice all the elements that comprise the process of the approval of parts for production. Raise awareness about the benefits and success factors that are the result of the practical application of a systematic and systemic PPAP process as set by the methodology.


Directed to: All the personnel that is related to the activities of the process of approval of parts for production.


Duration: 16 Hrs

Content: Introduction.

Significant run of production.

Elements of the PPAP.

Levels Requirements

  1. Design records.

  2. Authorized engineering change documents.

  3. Customer engineering approval.

  4. Analysis of the Mode and Effect of Design Failure (Design FMEA).

  5. Flow diagram (s) of the process.

  6. Analysis of the Mode and Effect of Process Failure. (Process FMEA).

  7. Control Plan.

  8. Studies of the analysis of measurement systems.

  9. Dimensional results.

  10. Records of material tests / performance or performance.

  11. Initial studies of processes.

  12. Documentation of qualified laboratories.

  13. Appearance approval report.

  14. Sample of production parts.

  15. Master samples.

  16. Visual inspection aids.

  17. Specific customer requirements.

  18. Warranty of presentation of parts (PSW).