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Training and Professional Development

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Internal Auditor 19011: 2011


  • Know, understand and enhance the skills so that the auditors in training can perform effectively in the performance of internal audits based on the 19011: 2011 Standard.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the quality management system and actions to address risks and opportunities.


Directed to:

All personnel that strategically having to play the role of auditor of management systems and processes.


Duration:  24 Horas


  • Focus on processes and thinking based on risks.

  • Management systems.


ISO 19011:


  • Terms and definitions.

  • Principles of audit.

  • Management of an audit program.

  • Risk management in the Audit process.

  • Turtle diagrams and checklists.

  • Conducting an audit.

  • Audit plan.

  • Follow-up after the audit.

  • Competence (knowledge, skills, behavior) and evaluation of an auditor.

  • Study cases.

  • Documented procedure.